Jaymo & Andy George present new label and compilation, Moda Black

There’s no denying that Jaymo and Andy George, pioneers on the electronic music forefront, have come a long way since their inception in 2008. In the past 4 years, the duo have been nurturing and championing some of the freshest talent around on their successful label, Moda Music. So it comes as no surprise that their hotly anticipated Moda Black compilation, due out July 9, is already receiving much buzz in the EDM scene. While Moda Music focuses on Disco, Indie and Electro based sounds, the carefully crafted Moda Black mix showcases what the new label is all about: dark, deep and avant-garde house music found in the underground circuit. The release, containing both a continuous DJ mix and the DJ-friendly unmixed tracks, features some of the scene’s most coveted producers from Eats Everything, Disclosure, Tim Green and an original track by Jaymo & Andy George. Remarkably, all thirteen tracks are 100% exclusive to the release and Moda Black label, a feat that further establishes the duo as tastemakers in the dynamic world of electronic dance music.

Moda Black is worth more than just a listen; it is worth your undivided attention and dancing shoes. Clocking in at just over an hour, Moda Black doesn’t just sound like another DJ mix, but rather a journey into the minds of the label’s creators. The duo’s insatiable appetite for electronic music is apparent as they present a collection of songs that effortlessly fit together without being too similar. The mix is perfect for any occasion: casual listening, exercising, driving or even a night on the town. With the mainstream perception of electronic dance music as “wait for the (bass) drop, then RAGE,” it is refreshing to hear a compilation that possesses a balance of thoughtful melodies and wholesome bass that true dance music provides its listeners.

What’s most impressive is that these guys have been able to produce a mix that captures a distinct sound rising from UK warehouses and underground basement parties (an area widely known for the origin and development of new electronic sounds). And that is exactly what the Moda Black label is all about- exposing humanity to sounds they may otherwise never hear. In a world where EDM is the new pop, it is imperative to have the underground tastemakers that keep setting trends for future generations to come. So if you’re a Guetta fan or just can’t get enough of Avicii, realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to “electronic dance music.” Take a chance on the underground sound and listen to the Moda Black compilation. Who knows, you may even enjoy it.

01. Jack Fell Down - Night Crawler
02. Lukas - Best In Show
03. Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep In Louise
04. Jett - I Know I Want You
05. The 2 Bears - Banger (Eats Everything & Idiotproof Remix)
06. Jaymo & Andy George - How It Goes
07. Disclosure - My Intention Is War (Fig II)
08. Mia Dora - Jailbait
09. Nick Monaco & Kill Frenzy - This1 That1
10. Shadow Child - So High
11. Celsius - Must Be You
12. Old Soul - Unusual Paradise
13. Tim Green - Reed

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