Alex Niggemann’s debut LP “Paranoid Funk”

Release date: June 4, 2012 on Poker Flat Recordings

26 year-old Alex Niggemann wasn’t always making funky house music, the Berlin-based music producer used to be a classical pianist before he traversed a more technological path.

For his debut album, Alex had one goal in mind,“to create an album which is different to typical club or listening albums…. where songs fit together (even when having different styles) without being too similar“.  Alex not only accomplished his goal but also created an album full of sounds that are edgy, sexy, and at times dark yet always funky and fresh. Paranoid Funk is an entertaining “funkoction” made up of seductive club bangers and contemplative tunes fit for a chill evening at your casa. Alex planned it this way; he wanted the album to reflect the social aspect of his music and its twofold function as a dance record and the soundtrack to everyday life. Paranoid Funk is bound to be a summer 2012 hit and a future house classic. 9/10 stars


  1. Don’t Wait
  2. The Sweetest Thing (with Daniel Solar)
  3. Curious
  4. Easy Love (with Florian Schirmacher)
  5. That Is…!?
  6. Come Into My World
  7. Parentless Child
  8. I Don’t Care (Ride Mix)
  9. Street Therapy
  10. Back 2 Basics feat. Benji
  11. Lovers feat. Daniel John Rydell